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Traditional Brush and Gold Techniques with Liane Barker


9th -11th AUGUST / 09:00am - 17:00pm each day

Gordon Park Q 4031


This workshop will introduce the basic techniques used in creating painted and gilded lettering. Working on two projects across three days, Liane Barker will guide participants through the creation of a pre-designed glass piece and a custom hand painted timber panel.

The glass piece will allow the development of a variety of skills including water gilding, screen printing, creating matt centres, and using variegated leaf and abalone shell to create a variety of effects. Each day will see the project develop a little further, while the hand painted timber panel is being worked on in parallel.


The custom hand painted timber panel will begin with brush stroke techniques building both letter construction skills and signwriting techniques. As the workshop progresses the design will be transfered to a pre coated timber panel which will then be embelished with (surface) gold leaf gilding and effects created with paint to give a three-dimensional appearance to the final piece.

Each project will be hands-on with expert personal guidance from Liane. Following the workshop participants can take their finished creations home.


The workshop fee of $895 includes all the essential materials required to complete the projects, and basic refreshments across each day. Depending on usage, extra books of gold may need to be purchased. Gilding kits and materials will be available for sale.


For more information - email Liane at

Traditional Brush and Gold Leaf Techniques - 3 Day Workshop

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  • Cancellation Policy: Note: 50% refund available if cancelled 7 days prior to workshop. No refund if cancelled less than 7 days prior to workshop. Contact us to reschedule/cancel via email.